VisioWeb Essential 1.10.2



Here you will find the change log for VisioWebEssential.
VisioWebEssential-1.10.2, 2021/04/15
[modified] Bubble place positioned on pof when exists
[removed] Unwanted camera animation directly after loading map
[added] getting started guide

VisioWebEssential-1.10.1, 2021/02/03
[added] support for animationDuration parameter in all goTo calls
[renamed] Content#addCategory into createCategory to improve consistency with respect to createPlace
[renamed] Content#addPlaceContent into setPlaceContent to improve consistency with other setPlace[something] APIs
[fixed] calling Venue#goToPlace with radius, heading or pitch options would miss building/floor animations.
[added] support for place content that is only related to a footprint or POF (no place or POI). It will now appear in the search field.
[added] support for optional arguments for Navigation#goToPreviousInstruction, Navigation#goToNextInstruction
[updated] goToBuilding and goToFloor to tolerate calls without arguments (default building and default floor are then used).

VisioWebEssential-1.10.0, 2021/10/27
[fixed] map without buildings (just an outside layer) would not load properly.
[fixed] instruction index wasn't updated properly when calling Navigation#goTo[Prev|Next]Instruction

VisioWebEssential-1.10.0, 2021/09/29
- Initial release.